Sohaila graduated with “mention tres bien-honorable mention” from Ecole National des Beaux-Arts in Paris France, the world-renowned art school.

Prior to that she had been in a preparatory art school in Vienna, Austria and took many hours of drawing in the Parisian municipal school. She participated in the many art exhibits at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and many group exhibitions in Paris such as the renowned juried art exhibit “Salon de Vitry”.

After getting married to an American dancer, Sohaila moved to America,  and participated in group exhibitions in the Art League Gallery in Alexandria, Va. and other group shows in the US. She is teaching art since 1999. She is a strong advocate for children’s art education as she believes art for kids enhances natural abilities while utilizing youthful creative energy.  


1980 - 1981

Parisian Municipal School

1981 - 1982

Preparatory Art school in Vienna, Austria

1982 - 1986

Ecole National des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France

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